Based on my experience with Diane, she is absolutely a master of her craft. She was a catalyst for positive change at Cambridge Elevating all originating from a simple conversation we had. We were discussing Cambridge Elevating as an organization, the progression of different team, and eventually started discussing my leadership style. Diane listened extremely intently and correctly identified that I had been hindering the growth of the teams by never transitioning from a mentor to a coach. She outlined what the differences truly were and what impacts changing to a coach with our managers would really have. So we’re a few months on from that conversation now and immediately I become more cognizant of those facts and tried to change. With those efforts combined I’m sure with other factors, this place is a new shop. There’s depth to our org chart, problems are solved at the source, teams are working together more effectively, everyone is more engaged, and the managers are exercising their decision making ability & authority! My time is not spent on the day to day freeing me up to focus on strategy & procedural change. Last month I started a project I’ve been wanting to get to for 2 and a half years! Thanks to just a few thoughtful words and taking the time to listen, Diane really helped me grow a great deal. I highly recommend you engage with Diane if you’re a leader looking to make a huge leap forward with your skills and how they will impact your teams.6.