I had the pleasure of working with Diane and highly recommend her for anyone looking for a business coach and personal improvement. Diane provided a positive and professional environment in which she reinforced my skills and beliefs while challenging me to be the best version of me. She is a great listener and takes the time to understand you, your challenges, and goals. Diane offers great insight and guidance with a positive mindset and quickly adjusts to ongoing needs or areas of self-improvement, while also encouraging and highlighting personal and professional strengths along the way. Diane was a great help to me professionally and personally and helped me get back on track and focused with my demanding workload and work-life balance while better managing my day to day and prioritizing my time and goals in a positive and manageable way. We established target areas of focus and set up daily manageable ways to stay on track and maintain a positive mindset with the help of the Positive Intelligence program. Professional coaching was new to me but was well worth the investment. I recommend all professionals make this investment in themselves and Diane is a great coach to work with. I look forward to working with her in the future.