The art of communication has always been a fascination of mine. From an early age, we are admonished during play to “use our words” to express our thoughts and emotions. In business leadership courses we are reminded to “communicate, communicate, communicate”! As if that was all we needed to know to resolve problems, build teams and increase productivity.  I find that communication is one of the last skills we develop over every other skill we need to do our jobs.

Several years ago, I discovered Judith Glaser’s book and corresponding Coach Certification program – Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). I was instantly drawn to it as it was grounded in the latest research in neuroscience. C-IQ is foundational in my coaching practice as I support teams to become innovative and productive. Teams who work well together also have fun together and achieve more together.

Our success is also impacted by the communication that continuously goes on inside our brain. We have 60-70,000 thoughts in an average day and the vast majority of them are negative or fueled by negative emotions. Now there is a statistic that gets an instant reaction of recognition and distress!

In my coaching practice I am driven by the quest to make a difference in people’s lives, to trigger “ahha” moments that lead to better decision making, better ways of working, more resilience to handle challenges and change at work and in family life.

But change is only 20% insight and rest of our work, 80%, is new habit development.

Recently I became a student of Positive Intelligence and the corresponding Coach Certification program designed by author and researcher Shirzad Chamine. The Mental Fitness program provides tools that affect three core muscles of the brain, that once strengthened, shifts the negative mind chatter to positivity. The daily 15-minute practice sustained over 6 weeks changes neurochemistry and lays down new synaptic pathways. Simply put, our upgraded brain is more inclined to see and experience: possibilities rather than burdens; gifts rather than losses; an ease and flow pace rather than an urgency to work harder and work longer.

If you want to improve your abilities to lead with confidence and ease and motivate your staff to become more productive and innovative by enhancing your communication both inside and out, call me for a free 30 minute coaching session to explore your possibilities.